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Are you currently wanting to build a life group?

It’s a great way to get some woman together that share in the same journey of being a Single Mom. I mean it can be an outlet for growth, conversation and a chance to build a community. So if you are thinking about it or maybe you already made the decision but need to know what it may entail this is perfect for you.

In this easy eBook guide I am showing you exactly how to start building a life group. I’m sharing my top 3 things that I had needed to put in place. A technique that I elaborate on because of it’s importance when having a life group. I even have tips on how to facilitate and lead in a way where they your group has a voice.

As long as you are adding value, building an a life group won’t be hard. Let’s start building YOUR community!!

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I'm a writer at heart, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and aspiring life-coach! After having my daughter, my world changed. I had no clue on how to be a mother or how I would raise my daughter. After a relationship turned into being cheated on and a failed engagement, I felt more empowered than ever to defeat the negative connotation of how people look at Single Mom.

After living in a transitional home with other single moms whom I call my sisters, therapy and a whole lot of self-development, I have turned my pain into my purpose. I created Dear Single Mommy which is to help Single Moms realize that they are WOMAN. They have needs, wants and desires. To get there it will take an internal work starting with forgiveness, healing and walking in freedom. When they take care of the woman it overflows into being an amazing mother.



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