(Sigh) 📷😩 I love moms who are married and come to me and say I don’t know how you do it. As they have a piece of my world while their spouses are away for a period of time.

I Say, Me Neither! Lol.

I could almost cry looking back.😭

I got up every morning. I did that again and again and again. I cried but I got up. I had a major surgery and c-section as I was in pain. But she had to eat so I got up. She needed clothes, food, and a safe environment to call home...I got up.

I got up in the middle of the night. I got up with tears in my eyes. I got up and went to a job I didn’t like. I got up when I wanted to sleep. I got up to go to an emergency room when she was in pain I got up when she was scared I got up when she wanted my attention. I got up when she wanted her daddy i got up each and every time.

God met me there every-time I got up. He was already up showing me and guiding me.

I got up. I still get up.

Single Mommy keep getting up.

Amara’s Mom

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