By Shara Norman

By Shara Norman


As moms, we can sometimes put limits on our abilities when it comes to providing for ourselves or doing something for ourselves. Yet, when it comes to our children, we will do the impossible. We will go above and beyond for our children because that's what's moms do, right? But who goes above and beyond for us? Who sacrifices for us?

I’ve always had a love for fashion, but when I became a mom somehow that love was lost. I began to put a lot of my dreams and goals on hold; I put limits on my life simply because I was a mom now. I traded in my womanhood for motherhood, my only focus was my son and being the best mom, I can be. In doing that I forgot to be the best woman I can be. It got to a point where I stopped taking care of myself; I completely ignored my basic needs.

It’s easy for moms to get into the habit of forgetting our needs and making excuses as to why we can’t do or be a certain thing. (Limited mindset) How many times have you said “I can’t do that I got kids or I can’t dress cute because I don't have the same body I did before the baby?”  Or “I don't have time look cute because I got kids”. Excuses! Excuses! But I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there; ignoring our basic needs as a woman.

  When you become a mom, you think that’s your main purpose in life but it’s not. We get so focused on trying to be the best mom there is that we completely forget who we are. We begin to live a limited life; not taking any risk and in that we lose our strength and dignity. We allow certain things to block us from seeing the amazing gifts God has placed within us. It's time to take those limits off and be the WOMAN God created you to be. Remember “whose” you are to discover who you are.

I realized I was called to something so much greater than myself. I was able to see the women in me and not just the mom. I saw that I was beautiful, strong and free to be all God has created me to be. My love for fashion took a turn, it’s more than just clothes it’s a lifestyle; it’s seeing your beauty from the inside out.

When God created you, he knew you were going to be a mom, but that’s not your only purpose. God is limitless which means he created us to live a limitless life. It's time to take the limits off and start dreaming again, set goals and go get it. It’s time to show up and show out!