Scheduling a five year old, life and businesses.



So Amara has recently launched her business. She has been excited! She sold out at her first event and her slime is in high demand in the area. This has been an adjustment for me. I am still working on not being controlling in her business because she can really do it by herself. I have only had to clean some blue slime off my carpet, let’s just say warm water and Vinegar does the trick! 😉

I have been trying to get back to my podcast, writing blogs and even my ebooks. Along with two other businesses and now my daughters. It’s been CRAZY. I am just asking God how to handle everything and to be my strength and wisdom.

So Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I make time for my work. That means I have to schedule things on my social media because I still work a 9-5pm job.

If Amara wants to make slime for her business she can do it by herself. Mommy still is watching though 😳 but sometimes I let her be a big girl. Monday & Wednesday is dedicated to Amara’s Slime. On Friday it my me time and I iron some things out with my businesses as needed. Saturday we make time for events, speaking engagements and so forth. (Sometimes this happens on Friday too) Then Sunday we make family day and rest day.

Now this schedule is subject to change because life changes and we have to learn how to re-adjust. Especially, as Amara goes back to school.

But again I am still working to just stick to the schedule school starts next month.

Do you have a schedule so you can get things done?

Audrey Perkins