Watch Your Words


Is there such a thing as Kindergarten PRE-TEARS!!!

I already got them looking at my daughter this morning. It just hit me that she is not a baby anymore. 

Y’all going to get a lot of blogs and podcast from me this school year! Me and God going to be having some deep moments in his presence and late night chats. 😭😭😩

I told Amara the other day that she is no longer a baby and she doesn’t have to act that way because I miss when she was a baby!! 

My moms pay attention here... sometimes our children’s innocent love for us can turn into “PARENT PLEASING.” They start doing things to please us. For instance I had to catch myself saying to Amara,

 “I don’t want you to grow up! (With tears in my eyes) You are not going to need Mommy anymore”

We don’t mean it. Lol. But I found my child still trying to be a baby to please me and acting like she didn’t know how to do anything around me so I could do it for her. Lol. She heard what I said and saw mommy crying and she did it to make me feel better. Then I would get frustrated with her when I knew what she was capable of.

I had to free her from my bondage of my words. I told her this morning. “ I love that you are growing up and I want us to embrace change! You are out of the season of being a baby and now you are going to Kindergarten!”

Then I cried when she got out the car!! 😭😭😭😭 

She is still my baby! 

Can you do me a favor mom and dad? Can you free them from your bondage of words? Think about things that you say to your children. Let’s go even deeper HOW you say it to them. We tramutize our own children with the WAY we talk.

This school year change somethings that maybe impacting your child’s life. As I tell my daughter to embrace growing up. God reminds me that I need to embrace the next season in my life of growing in him.

Remember when you heal the woman, it overflows into the being the parent.

💝Amara’s Mom 

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