Photo by Antonio Francisco  Written by Audrey Renee

Photo by Antonio Francisco

Written by Audrey Renee

As I am stepping into coaching Single Moms there is one thing that I noticed we struggle with. Let me take that back not just Moms but Women period. We don’t know the different between our fantasy and our reality. You will see me repeatedly saying this over in my blogs because it’s so vital. When we live in a fantasy world that is dangerous and we create more pain. We put this non-existent story together in our minds, instead of looking at what is really in front of us. I remember sitting with someone who I now call my sister and she asked me. “How did you start forgiving?”

I said to her, “He does not want me.” 😳 She started to cry. I looked at her because I remember those being my same tears. We have to start looking at the evidence, he left me for another women, he neglected me when I was pregnant and he moved on without considering my feelings.

🎶 * 🎤 singing, "Gotta get back to life, Back to reality”

Fantasy is imagining things that are impossible or improbable.

Reality is the world or the state of things as they actually look.

🎶 *Sings*🎶 "Gotta get back to life, back to me!”

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