SET Em’ Free Friday!!


Pay Attention to the Woman, she is who influences the mother.

THE WOMAN who deals with INSECURITY but desired to be set FREE!

So recently I have been on a purge mentally, physically and spiritually. I have been cleaning up literally! In my house, my mind and my heart. Everything must go! This has been intense. I am in a season where I am paying attention to the woman while being a mother and desiring to one day be a wife. I am also getting poured into.

I have an amazing photographer and she is not one to photoshop you like society does. (Plug:Foto Me Photography book her now!)

Since I have partnered with her to bring personality to my blogs, I have been struggling for some reason to take pictures. 😒

These are no make up (okay maybe a lipstick), no filter, pimples, undone eyebrows, no fake eyelashes, home made hairstyles and weight over a 100 type photos!


I see those photos in raw form and I don’t see the woman I imagined in my mind. Let me just say this, there is a difference between KEEPING yourself up and MAKING yourself up...😳😮🤭



For so long I have been this made up version of who I wanted to be in my mind. Yet the raw image after a photoshoot showed me something different. It showed me what I had been running away from, me.

This year God has set me free from something I dealt with for over 20 years. I’m mean, lying like a baby on the floor in fetal position with tears in my eyes because I desired his best.

It’s something so freeing to no longer be bound but to walk in freedom and continue that journey where ever it may take me.

More to come as I soon hit the stage again to share my testimony.❤️


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