📷😳So there is this guy named "Thomas"

We exchanged words while passing each other on my way to pick up Amara.

Me: Hey Thomas. (Didn't think I knew you) Him:?  Me: Someone talks about you all the time... Him:? Me: Says your her best-friend or something. Him: 😏😌 Me: I am Amara's Mom Him: 😮

Now in my mind this is what I really wanted to ask Thomas.

So Thomas where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you have a job? Do you have a car? Are you ready for this type of "best friend" commitment? Are you a believer? What are you intentions? Can you even spell best friend?

Yet, I was talking to a little boy and that was evident. He wouldn't be able to comprehend those questions. He was 4 years old and knows Amara from the playground. He was ready to go home and play video games. I can't demand him to be a men. He is still in training. So are some of the men we are demanding to be fathers. (**Nicki Minaj Voice.** No Shade. No Shade.)

There is this thing called free-will which gives you options. We all eventually grow up but some haven't accepted our adult responsibilities in life. Either way we make decisions that could be bad or good. They could be rewarding or consequences may follow. We make that choice. I cannot make a men be a father he has to make that choice. I rather him want to do something versus do it because he is told to.

Even mothers who choose to keep their child, have to make a decision to be a mother to them. (It got real didn't it)!!!

Your physical presence isn't the only thing that makes you a mother. It's you training them up, being present at every event, being there for every homework assignment, knowing every teacher, exposing them to kid friendly events, etc. Really being involved.

The power of prayer has kept me as I too had to accept the reality that I am a mom! I hear her say it all the time but there were still things that I needed to be present in. I couldn't spend my time wondering when he was going to be a father, that's God's job. I spent my time enjoying being a mother.

I thank God for Amara everyday!📷😍

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