Dear Amara's Father,

I prayed over you. I admit, Unkind words Existed on my tongue But I gave them to the Enemy

So when I opened my mouth, I spoke truth. Beginning with HIS love chasing you down. That the pain and hurt heals. My forgiveness, I hope it penetrates your heart. She is beautiful. She is our daughter But she is HIS child It’s okay he provided for us. She has all that she needed. We were never without

Yes, I cried like a sponge being rung out. Rid myself of Hurt, Confusion, Bitterness & Anger, I needed to forgive myself.

If your hurt keeps you up at night. I pray you know how to give it to him I pray you know how to find peace in him and that he surrounds you with HIS Men. To talk to, to love on you, to teach you and to pray over you. To fight with you To speak life to you to cry with you…

Every now and then she mentions you. I taught her how to pray for you. That time that you may have missed well God created time to restore it. He is Incredible. He would make it so you had never missed a beat.

I pray we minister to you. I will admit I won’t always be perfect. Residue of scars may hurt a bit But I will remember it is not about me

When you finally see us.. I hope HIS fragrance, Would leave with you. We weren’t meant to be Yet, there is still a natural father in you. You were apart of his plan. It’s why I can speak so freely. The reason I have a story. You too have a testimony I pray you find his purpose for you. I pray… You set those other Fathers free too.

👑Amara (Beloved) Zurai (Beautiful)👑 _@MsOutspokenPoetress Dear Single Mommy

📷 Foto Me Photography by Dominicka Jemmott