Emotions are a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

I have come to learn how my emotions have made a lot of my decisions. When in need or desperate for something, based on my circumstances an immediate decision was made. It wasn't thought through or prayed about. It was a YES.

I remember saying YES to an engagement ring from a man who I didn’t know. My YES stemmed from wanting to get out of my situation. I was tired of living with my parents, working a job that wasn’t paying me anything and at that time trying to pursue my dreams. In that moment I said YES not knowing the consequences that I would be facing.

So I ask myself what have I said YES to lately? What have I said yes to that degrades me as a person? What have I said YES to that doesn't fulfill what God has called me to do? What have I said YES to based on what people said is best for me? What have I said YES to that affects my daughter?

I’ve asked myself more and more questions. I found myself committed to things that don't bear any fruit. I found myself saying YES because I was in need of the money or in need of someone to make me feel good about myself.

Dear Single Mommy, I understand.

It is a struggle as a women and as a mother. We are having to make those tough decisions in those moments our YES digs a hole that we struggle to get out of.

I say this with tears in my eyes. I struggle everyday to not just say YES

But to say Yes and SUBMIT to his will. GOD knew me before I was knew myself.

Who-else knows how to guide me.

The person who knows the beginning and the end.

💋Audrey Renee