By Audrey Renee

By Audrey Renee



Listen, I had to change it up a bit! I realize that the truth shall set you free.πŸ™Œ So I always feel the need to be transparent. At the age of 7 I had my first boyfriend and well he left me for another 7 year old cute face. 😠

Now I know what you are thinking!πŸ€” Audrey you were 7, where did ya'll go out at? Lunch in the school Cafeteria?πŸ˜’


First off don't come for my 7 year old me! Second don't miss where I am going here. #FollowMe (Plug Dear Single Mommy)

I remember that moment so well. I didn't think it would follow me into my adult years. So from that point on I was attracting men who were either cheating on me with other women or leaving me for another women. See we ignore things like this but where is the root of it all? What didn't I receive from my father (at no fault of his own) that he didn't know how to give me as a little girl? At 7 I was faced low self-esteem and insecurity. So my journey of trying to fix the outside of me begin.

The cycle of the curse begin. I kept meeting Broken and emotionally unstable Men. *Hint* That outwardly were liars and cheaters . So since they were the same, then I needed to change something in me.

Now, what we as women fail to realize is a lot of times the man we attract, got the same issues as us !!! ✊COME ON! DON"T LEAVE ME I AM ABOUT TO SET YA"LL FREE THIS AFTERNOON!

Now, how we deal with it outwardly is different. So since we cannot speak for Men, let speak for us.

When we don't love ourself (low-self esteem) we start to fabricate (liar) who we are, only so we can have someone by our side (Loneliness) so we can get what we want from them(user) and then get mad, sad, we want him, we don't want him, we hate him etc. (emotionally unstable).

Then we be having *Drake voice* back to back babies by them....πŸ‘€πŸ˜³πŸ˜ Listen, I'ma deal with my gluttonyπŸ˜‹πŸ•πŸŸπŸ”πŸ€ before I come for anybody.. He who cast the first stone...

You keep having babies, and I'll keep eating.

But eventually we have to face the consequences of our actions and we can't complain about the end result! Right?

Let's try something here: Create a list of things that you love about yourself and then 5 things you can do that can help you to feel good about yourself.

1. Lover of Art!= I do a Dancing Class that helps me move and feel good.

2. Love Speaking= Created a Single Moms Group for encouragement

3. Writing = I do Blogging (Sharing my Story is healing)

4. SpokenWord = Finding new ways to present my art.

5. Reading = I find books to help me stay focus and give me lessons!


Thanks to Shawn Labadie for her W O M A N - dance for ladies 18+ with Latrice Bynum! where I am sassy, cute and feel great when I dance "sign up"!

My amazing mentor Tamara S. Williams founder of Grow Strong Inc. for pushing me through my emotional mess and reminding me of my future.