Go Ahead…Get Your Eagle On by LaToya Wilson

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“Those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount on wings as eagles.”—Isaiah 40:31

Do you want to be an eagle or a turkey?

This was a question my grandfather asked me everyday when I was a child.  I never understood why but the only answer he accepted was, “I want to be an eagle.”  As I matured, little by little I realized that he was planting a seed.

Single parent is a title but your wings define who you are.  Sometimes you will feel discouraged, weary, and lonely; however, don’t stay on the ground too long for you risk being captured and eaten like a turkey.

When was the last time you seen an eagle and a turkey cohabiting?  Eagles are distinguished, powerful, and fearless.  They are not afraid of the storm because they soar above it.  Perhaps, if turkeys knew how to soar, they wouldn’t stay on the ground either.

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