Soooooo.... around this time we have successfully had the best vision board parties ever! I love when women get together and have a good time! We open up about our dreams, we talk about our passions and relationships and we are excited about 2017....


That board went from the wall, to going nowhere for the rest of the year! Then August comes and you haven't achieved anything. A VISION BOARD is only the bigger picture to help you stay focus. You must find yourself developing a habit of writing the vision and making it plain.

Plain: to elaborate, to make it clear. (Barney Style)

*Example* Write the Goals: 1. I want a new car.

Deadline: (be realistic in assessing all you have to do) August 30, 2017

1. Check my credit. 2. Assess my budget. 3. Speak with a financial advisor. 4. Find out what car I want 5. Are payments in budget and when will it be paid off.

Last year: I became an author. Provided a place to stay for my daughter and I to call home I started booking paid events. Created Financial Stability for Me and My Daughter

This year: My books sold out! (YAY) I am writing for a single moms magazine I am a Single Moms Public Speaker I am booking a paid event every month I made moves to becoming Debt Free!