Help, I need my Make Up Bag!

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It was a perfect Sunday morning.  

My children had eaten breakfast, were completely dressed, and patiently waited downstairs. 

Worship service started in thirty-minutes and considering we lived less than six minutes from the church, arriving on time was not going to be a problem.

Until I encountered this minor yet big dilemma-- I could not find my makeup bag. 

How could this be? 

Every cosmetic in that bag I desperately needed to give my face life. 

Nearly ten minutes, I frantically searched inside my car, my purse, under the couches, and between the pillows for a makeup bag; not meant to be found. 

Therefore, I had to make a decision, to look in the mirror and speak life to the woman who sometimes feels insecure about her deep acne scars, dark circles, and puffy eyes. 

As I continued to prepare for church, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I am still crowned as royal without the concealer, foundation, and popping lipstick.

You are still royalty----

 …on bad hair days.

…with mismatched hand and toe polish.

…because your beauty is from within.

 Now carry yourself accordingly.

Side note:  I did arrive at church on time and found my makeup bag—Whoo!

Contributor: LaToya Wilson

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