When God digs deep. Transparency Words:

• I was told that my mouth was ruining a ministry by a leader in a church.

• I was told I had the Jezebel Spirit out of the insecurities and assumptions of a woman.

• I was told I was a failure.

• Told I had anger issues like someone in my family.

• That my prayers weren't strong enough.

• I was told I wasn't spiritual enough to do anything at a church.

I clothed myself with these words. I became angry at the people who said them. Especially because they were....women.

Women I admired and women who I got close to.

Growth Moment:

What have I said to a woman to demise her because of my personal insecurities, opinions, thoughts, and assumptions?

So I made it my goal to get uncomfortable and speak with my mouth life to the women who feel Uninvited, has low self-esteem and who is broken.

I made it a choice to pray for them so that to can see God in their lives.

👑So now I stand tall, back straight and head up. I took off the words of the world and clothed myself in his word.

Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed and dignity she laughs; she can laugh at the days to come."

😩this scripture is giving life!