A Mothers Letter to Santa...



Listen, while everyone is talking about Santa Clause and kids writing what they want for Christmas. I thought I would go ahead and write my list down too. Im leave it right beside the Milk and Cookies that Amara wants to leave him.

So Listen Santa,

I ain't going to lie, I have been naughty and nice, depends on what the day presents. Amara did one for the first time this year too. So I thought about what I would put on my list.

Now clearly I know you don't exist, but let me just have some fun.

My List.

1. Mani, Pedi, eyebrows and hair done for a whole year, every two months.

2. A Shopping Spree because every-time I go to the store and attempt to buy me something, Amara needs clothes for every growth spurt.

3. A cook. I already requested from God a man who loves to cook. So while I'm in waiting...

4. 3 All inclusive Vacation since Amara asked for 3 different baby dolls.

5. $1000 Cash or Visa Gift Card. That's It.


Now that I got that out the way. Chirstmas always reminds me of a story in the bible when God asked a man named Solomon, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” Solomon replied to God's Question, "...Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead your people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?”.

Guess what God gave him? He not only gave him what he asked for. But he also gave him wealth, possessions and honor.

His heart desired more of God and less of the things in the world. This season examine your heart for the things you desire.






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