Amara is a dancing, finger snapping singer/actor and book reader. The reason I started Dear Single Mommy was because I needed a safe place to vent. I love writing and sometimes I didn’t care about punctuation or correctly spelled words! Uncensored, raw and uncut versions. I tried hard not to use the excuse of being a “Single Mom” as a crutch but I can’t deny that there are some challenges. There are some struggles. Thats life right? Yet, in my mind my daughter should never be put in those unsafe places from my bad choices. She shouldn’t feel the anger and rage of a broken women. So I vented in my prayers but also in safe places with people. I admired the conversations but I needed that mom who truly and verbatim spoke my language! My daughter can be her best self because her mom strives to be her best! 📷💋

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Audrey Perkins