Amara, No Comparison


I sometimes will find myself comparing my child to someone else’s child. I see that a three years old child is reading and comprehending what they read. Now I’m forcing Amara to read and mad when she doesn’t get a word right. I see some children writing words or sentences and I sit there and get mad when all she can write is her name. The comparing of other children against my own then taps into my lack of confidence as a mother. I will sit there and compare my daughter to those children. Yet, really it’s a reflection of me.


My daughter is not those other kids and I am not a Mom who  has failed because she is not on a certain reading level.


As Thanksgiving is approaching I remind myself how thankful I am for the prayers answered. That she is alive and well. She communicates well. She loves school and has a village of people who care for her.  I know that the things I do at home with her educational and practical are important and my consistency is vital. I know that God is not looking at her reading level to establish her place in the Kingdom.

I pray that I don’t sow a seed where she will feel like she is not enough or needs to be on a certain level in this world to be enough. I want to sow a seed in her that allows her to know that HE IS ENOUGH therefore she is enough.

So whatever I lack as a mother HE will fulfill.

What are you thankful for?



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