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I write these blogs from personal experience so please believe me when I say this is me all day. I just have some great friends and a mentor who loves me enough to keep it real.

So let me be your friend! Single Moms, we all do it! The moment he says you are beautiful you immediately, “ROLL CAMARA!!!”📷🎥 You see the 💍engagement ring, 💁🏾‍♂️proposal, 💒wedding, 🏡house, kids and happily ever after.👸🏾

Nope. It was just a compliment. “CUT”📷🎬 Let me play something back, "Reality vs Fantasy"

What was created in your mind from the conversation you had with the opposite sex? When he said, “You are beautiful. I do want a wife and kids in the future.” Your Translation: “You are beautiful and I want you to be my wife and have my kids!”

NOPE! That is not what he said!

You are beautiful. (Compliment) I want a wife and kids in the future. (Future means: at a later time; going or likely to happen or exist.) This also means that his future might not have you in it.

You see what I just did there. As women, we operate out of loneliness, voids or even more for single moms wanting to have a family. Every word is over thought and over analyzed and taking somewhere it did not intend to go.

Say it with me “FANTASY VS REALITY” There you go!

As I am THINKING about the dating world (you catch that? I am thinking about it) I have now come to the truth and reality that when a man knows what he wants he will tell you. He won’t give you the run around, he won’t play guessing games, his actions will line up with his words and he won’t lead you on. Notice I said when a “MAN” knows what he wants. Here is what I have found, if you listen and stop allowing your thoughts and emotions to consume you. You will find out his intentions in his conversation and in his actions.

Silence is so powerful because it allows you to observe and listen.

Alright, I will give you all one last example. Men use terms of endearment, Bae, love, boo. If you are paying attention notice how many times he says it to other women.👀 Listen, I am not here to ruin ya’ll imaginary relationships. That date you put on your calendar, where you will be wearing white to walk down the isle. Yeah, he won’t be there. He will probably be wondering why you ain’t send him an invitation because ya’ll friends, boo.✌

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