Parenting a Kindergartner Not a Toddler.

Picture by Anonymous.  Disclaimer this is not how her room looks we are still setting it up but until then enjoy this imagery!

Picture by Anonymous.

Disclaimer this is not how her room looks we are still setting it up but until then enjoy this imagery!

The word "Big Girl" is really changing my daughter in a good way. My nephew and father recently set up her new bed and she is really feeling it! Amara has been sleeping with since she turned 1. I have gotten laughed at because my daughter loves to be underneath me. I have received opinions or advice about how to help her sleep in her bed or why she needs to sleep in her bed. Yet, it never bother me until I started thinking I was a bad parent or that I would never get a husband. ๐Ÿ˜‚

This is where leaning on God is everything while being an only parent. I begin to enjoy the moments when I could embrace my daughter laying in my bed. Even if it was every night of me laying on the edge of my bed. ๐Ÿ™ƒThere were even times where at night I got her out of the bed to come lay with me.

These moments don't last forever. So tookt he options and advice others gave me and went to God. As always when you leave it with him (meaning not thinking about it but really giving it to him in prayer) He said to me, "Be patience. She will do it in her own timing but don't force her."

Now here we are going on the 4th night as she is getting ready for bed! It's a little early but to us that's a big deal! She is so proud of herself and that part to me is everything.

She said, "Mommy I did wake up and want to get in your bed but I turned over and just fell back to sleep in mines. God helped me and I know he is so proud of me"

I share this with you to give you advice about two things.

1. Opinions. Alot of times we express our situation as if we need to know what to do. So someone offers their opinion or advice to you. Their advice can be a reflection from their own childhood, their personal experience or what they have seen other people do around them. In their attempt to help, you have to understand that it's just their opinion. So always go to God because he gives you peace about what you should do. He knows our children better then we do.

2. Timing. God operates on a different time schedule then we do. I am grateful for that because he was patience with me and didn't force anything. I then in return show that same thing to my daughter. Now that she is turning 5 years old, going to Kindergaten and hearing the word "Big Girl" she is stepping up to the challenge! I thank God that she did it on her timing so that she could be proud of herself. She didn't do it to make just mommy proud but she feels good about her accomplishment.

Say this simple prayer, " Lord, my children are the biggest 'care' I have, and I release them into your hands. I will no longer strive to do it all by myself but will enter into full partnership with you." Amen.

Amara's Mom

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