Woman who need each other’s Support



To the Woman who needs Support.

As woman we often times forget that we need each other. We need each other stories, prayers, encouragement and support. Yesterday I wrote a post about my daughters father being absent in her life and was shown so much support in my comments. These woman were too without fathers sharing their growth and forgiveness. It encouraged me even more that the same way God has them he will have me and my daughter.

I started a Single Moms Group and God turned it into a place where we stopped walking in that title and whatever was attached to to it. We started to walk in the fact that God gave us a name and that we are Woman who God has a plan for.

A woman who came to our Single Mom life-group community perfectly worded our goal. Her experience when she sat among other woman. “The first day I was there I was stolen from that self pity. It had no business in my life. I kept thinking “wow...how long would I had stayed in that mentality if I didn’t hear how it could defeat you. I didn’t even realize I was labeling myself with an inability and weakness that gave me permission to feel sorry for myself. I literally left that meeting thanking you got this. Don’t feel sorry for yourself just believe that your needs are met.” I was in awe as she perfectly described God’s heart. Removing the labels that define our journey in a negative connotation based on what the world definition.

Every woman has fell prey to labels of the world, instead of walking in the promises of God.

There are so many woman that I could tag but I would leave so many out. I’m excited to know woman who are apart of a community. When a woman comes across my path in need I can so easily reach out to other woman right to give them  help, support, self care, encouragement and walk with them through low moments in life.

Today woman are making a point to support each other and I am loving it.

Here is to you!! Thanks @unbroken_beauty_  by @sha_sha88 for this shirt that spoke to me the night of our release of Dear Single Mommy.

Love you sis.❤️ To an amazing Photographer 📸 @fotomephotography 💜