“You Need A Man”..


 “You need a man...”

DearSingleMommy let me speak to the woman in you.

I can't count how many times I have taking those words to heart. I had a family member say it to me and a close friend. I always assess things to see what it is that triggers me.

I sometimes see so many women who are on this journey of being a single mom take any man just to fill those areas in their lives that they lack. It makes us feel as if we are not doing enough and so when a man comes with that one thing that we have been wanting or needing. We immediately let them into our children’s lives and ours.

We need money so we find a man with money to provide, but it comes with him controlling you.

We are getting tired of carrying this load on our own, so we find a man who helps but is abusive.

We are getting lonely so we find a man to fulfill those late night desires and that is all he does with no commitment. He becomes another child you end up taking care of.

I too have falling for some of these but then I would ask myself but at what cost?

Now don’t get me wrong YES I do believe in a man being apart of a household but after what I have been through and what God pulled me out of. I found strength in him to stop falling for the “counterfeits” as my mentor says.

When they come it’s like testing what you are free from in your past because your future is around the corner!!

“She Laughs” at the thought of going backwards and not getting God’s BEST.

Now I ain’t saying this flesh don’t get weak or the presentation don’t look good enough to buy.

What I am saying is I let God overflow in those areas where I lack, that I know what his best feels like.  When a man contradicts that, I know.

It is in the moment that I have to tell myself, Audrey you been waiting for his BEST imperfectly God fearing man, don’t you dare stop now.

She Laughs at the days to come...❤️

Woman fix your Crown! Crown 

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