Sis, you need Your Village.

photo by Createherstock

photo by Createherstock

When I first moved back home I had my family but I bumped heads with them a lot because I was still seen as this little girl. It became a unhealthy place where I could not grow as a woman in their household and I couldn’t raise my daughter there either. I wanted them to enjoy being grandparents and I wanted to embrace being a mother. So as the woman, I needed to make some decisions and really trust God with all that I had. Trusting God meant that it wasn’t going to look like what I had thought. That led me to a transitional home for a year and then into my own home. It also led me into started a life group.

The Village.

Sometimes we think it’s just made up of family but there are people outside of family that I have made divine connections with through God.

Since the time I was pregnant with Amara up until now I have enjoyed each community God has allowed me to be apart of. My church shows me what it looks like to be the community outside of just meeting on Sunday mornings. Then I had the opportunity live with some amazing woman as we walked through the journey of embracing each other even though our stories were different. I learned to be around woman and work together as a team. Then when I started a life group I brought that same teaching that God allowed met to see and take part in my transitional home into a life group.

It was there that a village was created with woman in all different walks of life. Some were even married or in relationships so we didn’t push them away because of that. They were meant to be there. Every since then I believe in the power of a village.

To the mom who feels alone on this journey, I want you to know that there is a community of woman that can’t wait to meet you! You might even feel led to lead a community of woman together and what a blessing when you see how God is going to lead you on that.

If you feel like you are being led to lead a life group let me help get you get started by

Downloading this Guide: “How I Started a Single Mom’s Life Group

This guide introduces you to resources, how to bring woman together and the things you need to set in place for the life group to become a village.

If you are looking for a life group in your area please contact us and title the email “Looking for a Life Group” and we will work hard in getting your some information.

To the woman it’s time to stop trying to do this journey by yourself. I pray that with connecting with other woman you will gain access to genuine hearts, wisdom and encouragement.

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