Photo Taken by Fotomephotography

Photo Taken by Fotomephotography

Patrica Hollis, Blogger

Aloha! Patricia is creator and founder of Mindful Minority. She is from the beautiful island of O’ahu. Her passion is mental health in minorities. Having suffered from a mental illness a few years after having her son, she became more aware that minorities don’t really like talking about anything regarding mental health. She started her blog as a creative outlet while bringing awareness to a topic that should be taken more seriously. She loves art, surfing, photography, dancing, cooking and traveling Most of all she love laughing. 

Facebook: @patriciahollis Instagram: @mindfulminority


Shara Norman, Blogger & Fashion influencer

Shara Norman resides in Hampton, Virginia. She has always had a love for fashion, but that love began to fade once she became a mom.  She put a lot of things on hold but after going through a rough season in life she was reminded of gifts and passion God had placed within her. She rediscovered her love for Fashion and now it’s a way of expressing herself and taking ownership of who she is and not be ashamed of it. She wants to reveal to Women that Fashion is not another opportunity to play dress up or something to hide behind but used to show who you really are and that’s fearfully and wonderfully made. "Fashion wasn't created to cover up but to expose your true beauty." Her passion now is to help women discover their true beauty from the inside out.

Twitter: @unbroken_beauti/Instagram: unbroken_beauty_/Facebook: (@iamunbrokenbeauty)


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Latoya WIlson, Blogger & Motivational Speaker

LaToya Wilson is a native of Hampton, Virginia. She is a single mother of four children: one girl and three boys.  During her me time, LaToya enjoys taking long walks, going to water aerobics, and browsing through the home decorations of the stores.  LaToya is a motivational speaker, educating and inspiring single parents by God's wisdom and teaching God's word. She is excited to embark on her own future endeavors as she continues to reach people with her blogs and videos.

FB:Ms. LNWilson/YouTube:Ms.LNWilson


Dominicka Jemott is the Founder and Owner of FotoMe Photography. She excels at proving a quality experience to those who have never taking pictures. She also has been known to work with start-up bloggers, entrepreneurs and companies to enhance their brand. Dominicka has partenered with DearSingleMommy to provide photo shoots for our contributors.